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An Amicus Posting

Posted on October 15, 2020 at 12:00 AM

An Amicus Posting

Here’s a concept from the practice of law that we can apply more widely for the common good: amicus curiae. The Latin term means “friend of the court or assembly.” It signals a friendly contribution from someone who is not one of the litigants, but is nonetheless committed to the matter at issue and wants to help the court to rule honestly, fairly, and according to the text of the Constitution. Here is an amicus posting regarding the moral stances of the Democratic Party from a Catholic source that will help us to see what that party and its presidential candidate in fact stand for.

While I am happy to identify myself as a small-c catholic CHRISTian, I am not a Roman Catholic but a confessional Lutheran pastor and thinker. In other words, what I believe, teach, and confess rests on the divine authority and normativity of the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures, not on papal authority, or church council authority, or magisterium authority. I am a biblical textualist. That said, here is friendly amicus posting regarding the current “political case” that is before the court of public opinion from Sunday’s (10/11) homily by Rev Edward Meeks. It is well worth your viewing and our discussion in such a time as this." target="_blank">https/ 

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