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series is at, featuring primary text excerpts and links, philosophical commentary, analysis and podcast interviews with Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller. Click on the Columns tab.


Greek and Medieval Metaphors          

Plato’s Allegory of the Cave (Republic, Book 7)

Aristotle’s Cross Examination of Nature (Physics, Book 2, section 3)

Augustine’s Story of the Pears (Confessions, Book 2)

Aquinas’s Phoenix (On Being and Essence, Chapter 4)

Modern and Contemporary Metaphors

Descartes’ Evil Demon (Meditations on First Philosophy, Meditation 3)

Berkeley’s Table (Principles of Human Knowledge, 1, 3).

Kant’s Ultimate Principle for Relationships (Groundwork for the

     Metaphysics of Morals, 222)

Nietzsche’s Madman (The Joyful Science)

Wittgenstein’s Rule for When to Speak and When to Be Silent (Tractatus

     Logico-Philosophicus, 7)

Searle’s Chinese Room (Minds, Brains and Programs in Behavioral and Brain

     Sciences, 1980, Vol 3, 417–57)

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