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"PHIL 101" (better known as CCE 120 Western Thought and Worldview) - My Weekly Chapter-by-Chapter Narrated PowerPoints

For those of you interested in sampling what I am teaching in this introductory core course at Concordia University Wisconsin, this is where I will post my current PPTs, packaged with my own narrations. They should work even without the major required text for the class, by may I recommend that you buy or rent a copy of Norman Melchert, The Great Conversation for reference? Any of the most recent three or four editions should work fairly well. No need to shell out the big bucks for the latest edition; the older ones will work just as well and are not cluttered with non-Western chapters.

Please consider this an invitation to consider enrolling at Concordia University Wisconsin and majoring or minoring in Philosophy "for the full effect," as Inspector Clouseau would say. BTW, you will also be glimpsing here one of our Great Text Pathway courses at my university!

Postings will, Lord willing, follow my CCE 120 classes for the fall 2020 semester.
Here is the current PPT.

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